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PA Warmwater Fishing



It’s fun to skulk around the tiny mountain streams and spring creeks in search of summer trout, but some of us enjoy chasing the exciting variety of warmwater fishes that inhabit the water of PA. Bass(largemouth, smallmouth, hybrid stripers), Pike, pickerel, muskies amd more are waiting to pounce on your fly and show you what a real fight is. Rivers guides are able to guide anglers on a number of rivers, lakes, and ponds depending on the conditions, this flexibility helps us to provide you with a productive trip when rivers and streams are blown out.

The Lehigh, Delaware, and Susquehanna rivers all have the potential to make for amazing trips under the right conditions. Though the numbers of fish have dropped in the Susquehanna River in the past few years, our recent trips indicate that the number of large smallmouth(fish in the 15-20″ range) has increased dramatically. The result is less action but equally tired anglers at the end of the day – there’s some real monsters swimming around in there and everytime we floated the Susquehanna in 2010, a few smallmouth in the 4-5lb range were hooked and fought. Landed? Well, that’s a different story but we were very happy to see a strong healthy bronzeback population in the middle Suskie once again. Lehigh River anglers have also seen an increase in quality of smallmouth fishing in the summer months. 2010 was a great year for smallie fishing from Jim Thorpe to Walnutport, and probably all the way down to it’s confluence with the Delaware River near Easton. The population seems to be increasing and the number of large fish has also been on the rise. Muskies are also hooked on the Lehigh on occasion.

In addition to river fishing we also offer trips on several lakes and ponds in eastern PA where the bass fishing can also be excellent but also offer opportunities for other gamefish such as northern pike, muskies(muskellunge), pickerel, and walleye. Popper fishing back coves full of lily pads can be very exciting and is also very rewarding for young and novice fly anglers.