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Fly Fishing Schools

Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Schools 

Why are our fly fishing schools the best? They feature private , on water instruction by guides with over 40 years  of fly fishing experience. Our goal is to have you leave your school with a positive outlook on fly fishing, along with the skills you need to fly fish on your own. We have taught these schools for over three decades, and as a result, our former students are now our best clients because they have come to recognize that the same level of expertise and commitment that goes into our schools goes into everything we do.

Rivers Outdoor Adventures. Fly Fishing Schools in PA, Located minutes from Cabela’s in Hamburg
Based in Eastern PA, our schools are close to Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, and Baltimore as well as Allentown, Bethlehem, and the rest of the Lehigh Valley. Our on water fly fishing schools offers plenty of hands on instruction with a variety of great fly fishing waters to choose from , including the Little Schuylkill River, an easy wading freestone trout stream, drift boat trips on the Lehigh River and a private pond. Our schools include the use of quality fishing tackle, we don’t make you rent tackle like other places, and all full day schools include lunch and refreshments. We can accommodate small group schools and we are fully equipped and capable to handle corporate groups for a unique recreation experience.

Casting Clinic:
If you’re looking to increase your casting distance, improve your presentation, or learn advanced line control, this three hour clinic can make you a better caster.

Cost per student………… $180

Fly Fishing Basics:
Our one day fly fishing school is tailored for the neophyte angler, taking you through the following fundamentals:

• How to assemble your gear
• The basic cast & the roll cast
• Fly fishing knots made easy
• Basic entomology study
• Fly selection and presentation
• Wade Trip

Total cost for one or two students…. $440

Fly Fishing 101:
This informative two day fly fishing school will take you through an in-depth study of fly fishing basics. This course includes:

Day 1:
• How to assemble your gear
• The basic cast & the roll cast
• Fly fishing knots made easy
• Understanding lines & leaders
• Gear analysis
• Fly Fishing

Day 2:
• Entomology study
• Longer casts / Double haul
• Fly selection & presentation
• Stream anatomy
• Fly Fishing

Total cost for one or two students…. $855


School Details and Policy

All full day schools include lunch and beverages.

All equipment is supplied at no extra cost. You are invited to bring along your own gear and we will be happy to inspect and explain your tackle.

Classes run from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. The float trip portion of Fly Fishing 101 is a full day trip.