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Alaska – A Fly Angler’s Paradise

ak1Acrobatic silver salmon, electrified rainbow trout, beautifully colored char, and grayling join together with the breathtaking beauty of the Alaskan Wilderness to create, in our estimation, one of the finest fly angling destinations in the world. Bordering the Katmai National Park and Preserve, the Alagnak River offers to the angler true world class fishing for bountiful populations of Alaska’s native trout and salmon.  It also is home to a bold assortment of wildlife including grizzly bear, moose, caribou and bald eagles offering unending spectacular wildlife photographic and viewing opportunities throughout your stay.

The nearest camp is over 34 miles away. There is no float access for the fly-out lodges. This means we do not compete for water with any other camp. None of the fly-out lodges are able to access the 30 mile stretch of the Alagnak we will be fishing.

The river is medium sized and fast running. The majority of the fishing is done on small islands while wading shallow gravel bars and tributaries.

Over 200 miles of river tributaries, braids, and lakes contain healthy populations of four of the five species of Pacific salmon and other native species:

  • Chinook (King) Salmon
  • Coho (Silver) Salmon
  • Chum (Dog) Salmon
  • Pink (Humpy) Salmon
  • Leopard Rainbow Trout
  • Arctic Char
  • Grayling

Your host, Joe DeMarkis, has been making Alaskan fishing adventures a reality since 1989. His extensive knowledge of Alaska travel and fishing will ensure that your trip is a memorable, hassle free affair. From flight planning to fly selections your trip will be in the hands of a professional from start to finish.


Alaska Fishing Adventures:
Call for Pricing

Prices do not include guide gratuities.
A 50% deposit is required to secure your trip dates. Balance is due on by a date To Be Announced.

There will be no refund of deposit after 2 working days unless space is filled by alternate guest that you provide at least 90 days prior to trip dates. Unfortunately trips of this nature can be interrupted due to health or family problems so we recommend trip insurance to cover any untimely accidents or emergencies that may arise on short notice.

All prices are subject to change with out notice. Rivers is not responsible for typographical errors.


Gear & Tackle

A more comprehensive tackle and gear list will be provided upon booking. The following list of gear and tackle is presented as a guide for anglers anticipating an Alaska fly fishing adventure. Rivers can outfit your Alaska adventure with the highest quality gear and tackle with almost two decades of solid Alaska fishing experience.

Travel rods are highly recommended. Please keep in mind when preparing for an Alaska fly in fishing camp that weight and space are at a premium in float planes.

Dry – An 8.5′ or longer rod in 5wt or 6wt is ideal for fishing dries to rainbows, char, and grayling.

Wet – An 8..5′ or longer 7-9wt rod is more appropriate for fishing large streamers and articulated leeches to larger trout and salmon.

Reels should be appropriately sized to allow for 150-200yds of backing as runs into the backing are probable in Alaska. Reels should also have a good smooth drag system capable of applying good drag pressure.

Floating – for dries and shallow river stretches.

Sinking or Sink Tip – For chasing after the big fish with streamers and articulated leeches.

Leaders & Tippet
Because of the sheer variety of fishing situations available in our Alaska fly fishing adventures, an equal variety of leaders and tippet are necessary. We’ll help you determine a selection of leaders and tippet based on what time of year you’ll be traveling and what situations that you’re likely to encounter.

The Other Stuff
Licenses are available online and we can assist you in securing a license prior to departure. Again, weight and space are at a premium in float planes so all unnecessary gear should be left at home. Comfortable breathable waders with enough room for layering are recommended. Unstudded wading shoes with plain felts are fine, the river bottom is mostly fine gravel and does not require studs. Raingear is mandatory and a comfortable rain jacket can make a rainy day much more bearable. You are welcome to bring your own camera and all of the guides carry digital cameras with them. Orvis Buzz Off clothing is extremely effective for keeping the bugs off and is highly recommended.

Alagnak River Alaska defines world class fly fishing combined with the comforts of a Deluxe Wilderness Outcamp or lodge to make for a truly spectacular fly fishing Trip. 5 Salmon species totaling over a million  fish enter the river each summer to spawn. Fly fishing for a healthy resident population of Rainbows, Char, Grayling and Lake Trout round out this truly world-class fishery and are available all season. The deluxe modern outcamp is a wilderness marvel located in the heart of Katmai National Park, 40 miles NE of the town of King Salmon only accessible by floatplane charter. Hot fly fishing is available right at camp.

The Alagnak River fishing lodge accommodates 16 guest’s comfortably with each 2-4 guests having their own private, carpeted, cabins. The dining room doubles as a recreation area with stereo/tv-dvd-vcr and a satellite internet cafe. Full time hot showers and flush toilets highlight the facilities. 160 acres and 3800ft of private riverfront on the wild & scenic river lets you experience the true Alaska without the crowds. Our nearest neighboring lodge is over 30 river miles away, and with no float plane access for other fly fishing lodges we don’t compete for fly fishing water which makes for a true wilderness fishing experience.

We offer 5 and 7 day fishing trips and wilderness raft trips on the Alagnak River. You will explore and fish over 100 miles of river tributaries and braids that offer some of  the healthiest resident populations of Leopard Rainbow trout, Arctic Char and Grayling found anywhere in Alaska.

Our 18 ft. custom jet boats with Yamaha  jet motors give us unlimited access to the three rivers and nearby Nonvianuk & Kukaklek Lake outlets, no fly outs needed.  The Alagnak River consistently gets one of the largest returns of  Kings, Sockeyes, Chums and Pink  Salmon, beginning at the end of June and running through the end of August – a fly fisherman’s dream river.

If you are interested in seeing Alaskan Alagnak wildlife in a true wilderness setting while experiencing some of the most remote fishing for 10 species of fish, then this is the place for you. The camp is a true  Gem in the Bush, with amenities to include a full time Alaskan Sauna, on-demand modern hot showers,  new his & hers modern bathrooms with flush toilets, vanities & mirrors, plus electricity to each cabin from 7am-11pm. The camp is by far the nicest remote all-inclusive fishing camp in SW Alaska hands down.   Alaska Adventures Outcamps & Alagnak Lodge is committed to providing the best service possible with the ultimate goal being to have fun while catching lots of fish!

Included in Alaska Adventures Alagnak River Lodge Fishing Package:
• Transfer from King Salmon airport to Branch River Air for charter .
• Private room accommodations (2 -4 persons to a cabin)
• Alaskan Gourmet Meals
• Complimentary wine with diner
• Fully stocked fly tying area
• Alaska Sauna
• 8 hours fully guided fishing  on the water
• Nightly fly casting clinics or fly tying seminars
• 6 custom  jetboats with Yamaha motors

Not included in Alaska Adventures Alagnak River Lodge Fishing Package:
• Airfare to King Salmon, Alaska
• BRA – Air charter to camp
• Staff gratuities 10-15%
• Fishing license
• Items purchased at the lodge
• Overnight stays and/or meals in Anchorage (if necessary)

Alaska Adventures/ Lodge Travel Logistics:
Accessing Alaska Adventures Lodge is fairly straightforward. Fly from your home city to Anchorage, Alaska. Then fly from Anchorage to King Salmon, approximately one hour. In King Salmon you will be greeted by ATA Lodge staff who will transport you and your luggage to Branch River Air charter by private shuttle van. Transfer to a Float Plane and enjoy a scenic 30minute plane ride across Katmai National Park to the lodge. The staff will whisk your bags to your room, while you shake hands with the hosts and then pick up your cabin assignments and sample the yummy appetizers. Because of flight schedules for various points in the lower forty-eight, it may be necessary to overnight in Anchorage either on the way in, way out, or both.

Accommodations at Alagnak River fishing Lodge & River Camp:
Alaska Adventures Lodge is on the scenic Alagnak River in Katmai National Park in the heart of the world famous and exquisite Bristol Bay region of Southwest Alaska. This modern facility is an ideal site for small corporate meetings, business entertaining, or the highlight of any Alaskan vacation. The well-traveled angler will recognize the extras that make a stay at ATA Lodge a trip of a lifetime. Easy access, deluxe facilities and unsurpassed trophy fishing make us the classic Alaska Lodge and Outcamp experience. Sauna,  sumptuous dining, a comfortable lounge and recreation area are added features of ATA. A large deck surrounding the facility is just steps from the dock, and boats. Large bay windows frame views of the Alagnak River Valley and the beautiful mountains beyond. This is a rugged immense land of startling beauty – a great place to just step out of everyday pressures and relax. At the end of the day each 2 guests retire to there own private room. You will sleep on a real bed (not a foam pad ); your window looks out over the River and the bathroom is just a few steps away. For couples, ATA will be  featuring a new special couples suit.  .

Weather at Alagnak:
Alaska weather can be unpredictable. It is wise to dress in layers, preparing from temperatures ranging from 40 degrees to as high as 80 degrees. It also may mist or downpour, so a quality rain suit is imperative on your trip to Alaska to keep you warm and protected from the elements.

Dining Out with Alaska Adventures:
We take this phrase to a whole new level. Casual attire is appropriate as the standard dress code is polar fleece or jeans with your favorite head-wear. The resident Chef, is a culinary magician her resume reads like a Who’s Who in the World of Fine Dining in the Bush. Our appetizers before dinner compliment the menu that includes fresh steaks, grilled halibut, baked salmon, grilled lemon pepper chicken, Italian or Mexican night and my favorite barbeque baby back ribs with alfredo & vegetable.

Most meals are served family style with all you can eat being a standard table fare. Our breakfast include  wild blueberry pancakes, 3 egg ham-Cheese Omelets, French toast, hot biscuits and gravy, or fried eggs- bagels and bacon or sausage. We always have cold cereal, fresh fruit/bagels and lots of hot coffee and cold juices if you prefer a light breakfast. It is amazing what mouth-watering surprises come forth from this humble kitchen in the bush. Acclaimed restaurants in cities around the world would be envious of our fresh grilled salmon and halibut diners. And don’t forget our home made bush desserts that include cherry or blueberry cheesecake, and my favorite hot fudge sundaes. Shore lunches are highly recommended by your guide during the week or, if you prefer, the old standby packed lunch. In Short no one goes hungry and most guests put on weight during the week.

The Alaska Adventures Alagnak Lodge Fishing Program:
The goal at Alaska Adventures Lodge is to take advantage of the many fishing opportunities for the various species while they are in their prime seasonal runs. To accomplish this, each day you will be jet boated out to one of our 3 rivers accessible from the lodge, depending on the species that you are interested in. Each evening, lodge staff will confer with you to see what kind of experience you are up for. The guides will then get the necessary gear put together in the tackle room. The next morning, after breakfast, you’ll board one of our jetboats and head out with your guide, or to a spike camp with a guide waiting, to one of the 3 world class, and in some cases world famous, rivers and streams of this region.
Depending on the location we will travel by jet boats to take you up and down the river to fish from or get you to different gravel bars for wading. Because of a short growing season, all native species must be released, no exceptions. With the advent of reproduction mounting techniques, there is no reason to keep trophy fish. If you are interested in taking back some salmon, your guide will fillet or steak them, and pack them in suitable portions and freeze them. Upon your departure your catch will be put into an airline-approved waxed fish box for the trip home. We understand that you come up here to fish, so on those nasty weather days we still fish because of our location we are usually within a 10 minute boat ride to awesome trout and salmon fisheries close to the lodge so we can come back for lunch if you prefer. Whether you have been to Alaska twenty times or this is your first time, the Alagnak River will be an unforgettable experience of great fishing, unsurpassed comfort and most importantly – FUN!

Non-Fishing Activities at Alaska Adventures Lodge:
For the non-fishing companion, probably the highlight of any Alaskan trip is to view the bears. Your guide can drive you to Kukaklek Falls in the Katmai National Park for the day and it’s a spectacular sight. Optional glacier flight seeing tours can be arranged or a flight to Brookes Falls viewing platforms that connect the falls to the lake along the famous Brooks River. The best time for viewing at the falls is July through early August during the Sockeye Salmon run. There are many bears along the river clear into September, which happens to be the time for excellent Rainbow Trout fishing as well., Alaska Adventures offers daily combination rafting and photography trips if you want a relaxing day floating down the river viewing Bears, Moose, Eagles, and nesting Osprey along the river. We also have a horseshoe pit and a sauna.

At first glance, their faces  would blend into the crowd on a street corner in New York or Montana. Some look like the generation-Xers fly fishing on steroids. Scruffy partially shaven faces, eyes obscured by hip-looking dark sunglasses, sun bleached clothing and shoes worn to tatters – the whole ensemble complete with the baggy pants. Second glance would reveal the well tanned faces of fly fishermen spending entirely too much time on the river. The faded clothing sport labels from Sage, Orvis,  Gander Mtn, Patagonia, Simms and other makers of  the finest technical outerwear money can buy. The glasses are equipped with the best optically ground polarized lenses available. The baggy pants are state of the art Gore-Tex breathable waders. The well worn look comes from incredibly hard working professionals who stop at nothing  short of “making it happen” for our angling clientele. The equipment, although an integral part of the ensemble, is second only to the can do attitude, enthusiasm and expertise of this exceptional group of individuals. Alaska Adventures is very proud of it’s staff. The full time crew is comprised of year round professional fishing guides all motivated, dedicated and highly skilled in teaching all types of fishing. Each of our guides will truly give you a 110% effort each and every day, their commitment to a job well done is seldom equaled by any other lodge in Alaska . These professional guides are the true backbone in AK Trophy Adventures.

Packing & Equipment for ATA Alagnak Lodge:
Upon receipt of deposit, you will be sent complete packing list covering such items as clothing, tackle, and flies.

Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance Recommendation:
A fishing expedition will certainly offer you an exciting and rewarding experience. Unfortunately, however, one undertaking such an angling adventure must face the possibility that you or your fishing companion might be forced to cancel your trip at the last moment due to illness, injury, or other emergency or sustain an unfortunate injury and require medical services or worse, medical evacuation during your trip. Trip cancellation and travel insurance can help protect you and your travel companions from these unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. We will send you the application forms from Travelex is a major, reliable insurer of traveling anglers. Typically, the cost of an extensive program is less than $65 per $1,000 of coverage. It is wise to always consult with your personal health insurance provider before undertaking any type of travel to determine what is covered in the event of injury or illness during your travels.

Alaska Adventures Lodge Weekly Itinerary:

Sunday-Sunday 7day trips————Sunday-Friday 5 day trips

Saturday: Flight to Anchorage with connecting flight to King Salmon and stay over night at Quinnat hotel . Reception by lodge personal and transfer to ATA Sunday morning at 10am to lodge.

Sunday-Friday: 4 full days of fishing (two anglers per guide) with daily jet boat trips to your targeted species and style of fishing.

Friday: Transfer to King Salmon airport at 10am by Branch river air charter for 2pm flight to Anchorage and then connection to your home city.
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